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Praise for Vestiges of Courage:


“Vela lights a fire. Some of her sentences burn. Others are capable of cutting. Her gorgeous essays leave the reader—for the better—bloodied.”

—Brad Kessler, author of Goat Song and Birds in Fall

Mireya S. Vela is a Mexican-American creative nonfiction writer, storyteller, and artist in Los Angeles. Vestiges of Courage is her work of collected essays. In her work, Ms. Vela addresses the needs of immigrant Mexican families and the disparities they face every day. She tackles issues of inequity and how ingrained societal systems support the (ongoing) injustice that contributes to continuing poverty and abuse. Ms. Vela received her Bachelor’s degree in English from Whittier College—and received her Master of Fine Arts from Antioch University in 2018. In 2018, Ms. Vela’s work has been published in Hippocampus Magazine, Noble/Gas Quarterly, Not Your Mother’s Breastmilk, The Nasiona, Miracle Monocle, Blanket Sea, and Collective Unrest. In 2018, she received four Pushcart nominations.


Ms. Vela is also a visual artist. Her work was featured in The Nasiona in 2018.

Twitter: @mireyasvela

Instagram: mireyasvela

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